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foto huibWe want to understand how events at the synaptic and cellular levels are involved in behaviour. To reach this goal, we take a multidisciplinary approach in which we combine electrophysiological recordings and imaging from single neurons and networks of neurons with behaviour. By using molecular interventions, optogenetics and assessing the consequences at different levels of organization, we try to get an understanding of the causal relationships between activity of synapses, neurons, neuronal networks, and cognitive behavior. In collaboration with the Neurosurgery department at the VU medical centre, we study the function of human neuronal circuits to test whether basic principles discovered in rodents hold in human cortical microcircuits.

Selected publications:

Testa-Silva G, Verhoog MB, Linaro D, de Kock CP, Baayen JC, Meredith RM, De Zeeuw CI, Giugliano M, Mansvelder HD. (2014) High bandwidth synaptic communication and frequency tracking in human neocortex. PLoS Biology 12(11):e1002007. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002007

Guillem K, Bloem B, Poorthuis RB, Loos M, Smit AB, Maskos U, Spijker S, Mansvelder HD. (2011). Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor β2-subunits in the medial prefrontal cortex control attention.          Science, 333:888-891.

Counotte DS, Goriounova NA, Li KW, Loos M, van der Schors RC, Schetters D, Schoffelmeer AN, Smit AB, Mansvelder HD*, Pattij T*, Spijker S* (2011) Lasting synaptic changes underlie attention deficits caused by nicotine exposure during adolescence. Nature Neuroscience. 14(4):417-9

Witte S, Negrean A, Lodder JC, de Kock CPJ, Testa Silva G, Mansvelder HD*, Groot ML* (2011) Label-free live brain imaging and targeted patching with third-harmonic generation microscopy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(15):5970-5.

Ridder MC, Boor I, Lodder JC, Postma NL, Duarri A, Van Minnen J, Brussaard AB, Estevez R, Scheper G, Mansvelder HD*, Van der Knaap M* (2011) Megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with cysts: oedema due to a defect in brain volume regulation. Brain, 134:3342-54.

Meredith RM, Holmgren CD, Weidum M, Burnashev N, Mansvelder HD (2007) Increased Threshold for Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Is Caused by Unreliable Calcium Signaling in Mice Lacking Fragile X Gene Fmr1. Neuron.  54(4):627-38

Couey JJ, Meredith RM, Spijker S, Poorthuis RB, Smit AB, Brussaard AB, Mansvelder HD (2007) Distributed Network Actions by Nicotine Increase the Threshold for Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity in Prefrontal Cortex. Neuron. 54(1):73-87.

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Huib Mansvelder is Professor of Neurophysiology and Head of Department at the

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Director of the Research Master program Neurosciences


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